Fix Up Dreaming

While everyone seems to be craving these ‘new build’ homes, I just can not put them above putting my own stamp on a pre-loved property. YES it takes time and YES you will be using wooden pallets as your new sofa and while eating your 5th microwave meal this week. But the joy (and stress) you will experience having made your own home the exact way you want it, surely nothing compares?!

Before I get carried away, let me put this straight, there’s a big difference (both financially and work wise) between structural fix ups rather than the rip out of that old bathroom and a lick of paint.


Let me show you a property, Forbes Place (Paisley), that has such potential to be a sleek and classy pad, the high ceilings even more escalated by their large bay windows. For making the most of the space you have, use softer tones to maximize natural light along with mirrors to bounce this throughout the room.


It is a generally known fact that light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy. Dark colors do the opposite and therefore absorb the light, drawing the walls in. But also, having trimmings, such as; skirting boards, shelves and units, lighter than your walls, tricks your eye to think that the walls are further back than they really are, again creating the look of more space. These tricks with a pop of colour is the perfect fix to any room looking for some TLC.


From a spruce up, to a development dream, Wilfayre (Bridge of Weir) is crying out for attention. This property is every foundation you need to create your dream home, sitting on ample land to extend or maybe just start again?


The first thing that really gets my attention is this fireplace, this could be used as a feature partitioning wall, using the already standing structure, building this us to be symmetrical like the below.

chimney.jpg chimney dinner.jpg

The use of wood gives a sleek appearance with then the use of rugs to separate the two different areas. Wood and (Faux) Furs are a great way to make a larger space look grand, and yet feel snug.



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