New Year, New Home?

We, like everyone, love Christmas at home, wherever that may be for you. But when all the hustle and bustle is over who doesn’t love a bit of Sunday dreaming while having a coffee (or a curer) thinking what’s coming up in this new chapter?

Whether you’re hoping for that crisp Christmas ’17 in a new build or a traditional property in the middle of no where to keep away those pesky family members who stole your LAST pig in a blanket.. Let’s look at our properties available rolling into 2017.

Bishopton is high on the wanted list this year and Bolerno shows you just why, this home is the scene of walk in conditions. People all over are catching this New Build fever, and here at CDEA we get it, the thought of purchasing your dream home without having to lift a finger? Sounds fab.


We love the clean and simplistic look exterior.


Fresh year, fresh feel.

If your new year resolution is to have a bit more space and relax, look no further than the beautiful Armatige, Kilmacolm. This property lies behind the depths of a beautiful village, with a grand entrance and ample grounds, truly a lovely family home.


A hidden gem in the heart of a scenic village


The traditional staircase leading to 3 bedrooms

Maybe you fancy putting your own twist on a property? Forbes Place, Paisley. This 1 bedroom flat is looking for a possible first time owner who wants to put their stamp on the property ladder.


We love traditional building


The large set windows make this room spacious and open

Whatever your future plans are, from all of us at CDEA, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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